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Innovation lies in our DNA

Innovation lies in our DNA – HD Vision Systems relies not only on forward-looking technology combinations, but also on cooperative partnerships

VISION start-up 2020 HD Vision Systems is breaking new ground in product development to help its customers and partners succeed.

Heidelberg, October 05, 2021 – Innovation is the top priority for HD Vision Systems. The VISION Start-up 2020 has been pursuing this claim since the founding phase and still actively lives it today. As a spin-off of a research group at the University of Heidelberg, the company’s core values are a spirit of research and a pronounced openness to new ideas. This convinced not only the jury and audience of the VISION Start-up Pitch Contest 2020, but also the state government of Baden-Württemberg, for example. Last December, the state awarded HD Vision Systems the distinction of being one of the “100 Places for Industry 4.0 in Baden-Württemberg” for the topic of artificial intelligence.

In addition to the future-oriented technology combination of light field and artificial intelligence, the company also takes an entrepreneurially innovative approach to heart: “We are convinced that we can still uncover numerous undreamt-of potentials in close exchange with customers and partners. That is why we focus on comprehensive exchange and the creation of synergies. In this way, we develop convincing products in the field of vision-guided robotics,” explains Dr. Christoph Garbe, managing director of HD Vision Systems.

In the course of this, the supplier of intuitive machine vision systems is also involved in cooperation with partners such as MVTec, ctrlX World from Bosch Rexroth or in the UR+ partner program of Universal Robots. Together, the companies are working on new solutions for industrial machine vision that add value for everyone involved. Since June, Dr. Christoph Garbe has also been committed to these goals as a board member of the most important association for industrial machine vision, the EMVA. His particular focus is on creating synergies between corporate groups and young companies – a concern that has arisen directly from his own positive experiences.

Heidelberg Innovation Park (Source: City of Heidelberg)

HD Vision Systems also wants to share this collaborative and innovative spirit locally. Thus, HD Vision Systems is currently committed to strengthening its own location with the help of a district and interest association. COO Benedikt Karolus explains: “As a young, innovative company, it was important to us to have a location that was just as innovative. We are therefore happy to count ourselves among the first residents of the Heidelberg Innovation Park.” With the help of the association, HD Vision Systems would like to enter into an even closer exchange with companies in order to strengthen the new district as an attractive innovation location and to benefit jointly from these synergy effects.

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