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Automating faster – LumiScan BinPick receives certification for the UR+ programme

With immediate effect, HD Vision Systems is also offering its solution for gripping shiny metallic workpieces via the Universal Robots platform UR+. LumiScan BinPick enables users to start Pick&Place straight away thanks to the combination of a unique light field sensor and intuitive software.

Heidelberg, November 18th 2021. HD Vision Systems now offers its own bin picking solution on UR+, the automation platform of robot manufacturer Universal Robots. With LumiScan BinPick, the vision company helps users to automate quickly without complex implementation. The solution package offers everything needed to turn any UR Cobot model into a line-ready bin picking station in the shortest possible time.

Screenshot der Pick-&-Place Software LumiScan Object Handling v2

Reliably detects and picks glossy objects: LumiScan BinPick for cobots of Universal Robots

LumiScan BinPick is suitable for reliably picking and placing workpieces with complex or shiny metallic surfaces. Thanks to the unique multi-camera approach, the LumiScanX sensor included in the system reliably reduces occlusions.

As an intuitive solution for material handling, LumiScan BinPick does not actively intervene in the robot control. Instead, the system sends collision-free trajectories, which it generates from the entire visible space, directly to the connected cobot. From the second handle onwards, this is possible completely without downtime.

The software is also user-friendly: it guides the user in short steps through the setup with the help of the UR-Teach counterpart. With the connected computer simulation, the setup can finally be tested before commissioning. A live view helps to monitor the running process at any time.

Screenshot der Pick-&-Place Software LumiScan Object Handling v2

System setup on the Universal Robots TeachPendant

In addition to the LumiScanX light field sensor, each LumiScan BinPick system also includes a vision controller including the LumiScan Object Handling software licence for a terminal device. The scope of delivery also includes the necessary mounts, cables and a calibration plate. Suitable for the respective working distance of 600 to 3,000 mm, LumiScan BinPick is now available in sizes S, M and L on UR+: https://www.universal-robots.com/plus/products/hd-vision-systems/lumiscan-binpick/

You can also download the full text of the press release here.

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