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Porsche customer magazine “Christophorus”

In the 05/2018 issue of the Porsche customer magazine “Christophorus”, HD Vision Systems GmbH is presented to a wide readership. Under the title “Aussichtsreich”, our light field approach and the LumiScan system are presented.

From the article:

In addition to the shape of an object, the “LumiScan” multi-camera system with a special algorithm simultaneously detects its surface properties such as color or gloss – but also defects such as scratches in car paint. In an industrial production line, a robot can thus find and grab the right component on the one hand, and “see” whether it meets quality requirements on the other. “We’re already working with the automotive industry,” says Benedikt Karolus, “and we’ve also been active in ‘Startup Autobahn.'” Porsche is also involved in this innovation platform, which brings startups together with large companies.

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30. November 2018

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