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“A robot that can tackle” – Mannheimer Morgen

Recognizing objects, grabbing them in a targeted manner and putting them down again: The light field also helps the famous bin picker achieve greater precision. The automation of bin picking is an important aspect for many companies when it comes to making work easier with robotics. Until now, however, such setups for shiny and complex objects have been costly – or failed to produce satisfactory results. HD Vision Systems has now been allowed to present its solution to the Mannheimer Morgen.

From the report:

The systems are based on camera sensors that robots use to recognize the objects to be gripped. The start-up HD Vision System wants to stand out with particularly sharp “robot eyes”: The company’s LumiScan X sensor captures 3D objects with 13 cameras and transfers them to the computer as point clouds.

Already on September 22, the regional newspaper reported in its print edition about HD Vision Systems and our latest application, Bin Picking. How we improve this with the help of the light field and how our light field camera LumiScanX has advanced us in the last three years, you can also read on the online presence of the Mannheimer Morgen. You can find the article with a free test login

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