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“Learning by sight” – econo Magazine

How can robots learn to see in order to work in an even better automated way? We would like to answer this question with our light field-based technology LumiScan. The econo magazine Rhein-Neckar talked about this with our company founders Benedikt Karolus and Dr. Christoph Garbe. The result is a comprehensive portrait about LumiScan, our company and how we help companies to implement fast and easy automation starting from batch size 1.

From econo magazine:

“The systems used so far work with lasers or structured lighting. This can lead to difficulties in optical recognition in changing light conditions and shadowing. Objects with non-cooperative surfaces made of shiny metal or fiber composites can sometimes not be detected and evaluated at all or only poorly […]. HD Vision, on the other hand, takes a light-field-based approach.”

You can read the entire portrait in econo issue 3/2020 of July 10 (pages 43-45)

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