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Towards more “AI – made in Baden-Württemberg”

The state of Baden-Württemberg nominates HD Vision Systems to be part of the “AI Innovation Competition Baden-Württemberg“. With this project funding, small and medium-sized enterprises as well as start-ups receive a boost for research and development of new AI products and AI services.

With the “AI Innovation Competition Baden-Württemberg”, the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labour and Housing wants to make a contribution to securing and expanding the domestic technology location. The dedicated goal is to develop Baden-Württemberg into an internationally recognized location for artificial intelligence through various initiatives. Minister of Economic Affairs Dr Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut explains in the state’s press release:

Artificial intelligence offers the economy completely new opportunities and can significantly improve products and services. With our AI innovation competition, we are specifically supporting small and medium-sized enterprises from Baden-Württemberg in taking advantage of these enormous opportunities.”


Diverse projects – we focus on quality inspection and object handling

In addition to our project at HD Vision Systems, 43 other medium-sized projects have also received approval from the “AI Innovation Competition”. These include a wide variety of sectors such as industry, the service sector, health, mobility, trade, logistics, energy and the construction industry.

We are very pleased and grateful that the Ministry of Economics is supporting our project, which started in December, with this funding! Under the heading “Quality inspection in the light field with integrated object handling“, we aim to continue working on the development of our AI based light field technology for quality inspection until the end of the year. The result of the project marks another milestone in our development of solutions for machine vision. With this, we want to provide manufacturing companies with simple, intuitive and future-proof access to automation and robot vision.

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